Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Musings on Iowa

The Raucous Caucus, otherwise known as Iowa in February during an election year, came and went with controversy and an up-ended Trump. Who would have thought the Bernie Sanders could pull tight to FLOTUS Clinton? Crazy times in politics. Crazier is the fact that delegates were decided by coin flips. In all serious, though, should we really make these decisions on coin flips? I find that one hard to swallow.

I think this guy said it best:

Funny Stuff, and a mockery well deserved of a silly methodology for voting in my opinion. Anyway, thank you to the State of Corn for providing me some fun on a Monday night in February. 

I do, however, wish to state that the video of Bernie/Hillary campaign folks squabbling over vote tallies leaves a lot of questions at hand. Down right ridiculous.

As for Trump's trumping, he still came in 2nd (not winning) and will be immediately fired from his own road show, replaced by a new and improved coiffed Trumpadour slinging zingers at Ted Munster  and Little Red Rubio. Can't wait not to vote for any of these clowns. The circus is full, sorry...

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