Monday, August 24, 2015

The Trouble With Dogs

Dogs are so perfect in so many ways. I love them. I never did as a child. I do now, though. I love my dog and I know he loves me. He's the first to greet me and the last to leave my side. He's special and caring and loving and awesome. The trouble with him is that he is sick. He has cancer. Not anything curable, either. Best I can do is wait it out and love that little guy with all my heart. The trouble with dogs is that we grow so attached and it is hard to let go. The trouble with dogs is that they are family. The trouble with dogs is that they just don't stick around long enough. Love you Chance. Hope that rainbow bridge doesn't come too soon...

A Return to Thought

Over 2 months since I posted anything. Whoops! Got busy. School is about to begin for the kids and some of my friends are sending theirs away to college. So great to see all the new beginnings and chapters closed and others opened. If there is one thing I might do again it would be to explore a bit more when I was younger. See more of the world. I have been fortunate to see a small section of foreign lands, however small, yet I have learned so much from such a small sampling overall. Each new surrounding is a fantastic opportunity for growth. My kids haven't seen a lot yet. I am worried sometimes they will grow up myopic by default and not learn to see how different each culture, each region, and each society are. There are dark places everywhere, and from seeing those we learn to appreciate the luxuries we engage in here in the US. How easy it is to start a business here - Not easy to succeed but easy to at least originate and start. Then again, if I were in inner Detroit 5 years ago, I might suggest otherwise. We do not always appreciate these things here in the US and take them for granted. I believe it is in our nature to become complacent, comfortable, take the easy path. Go somewhere different that is stark in contrast and perhaps a lesson, one that will stay with you, is inherent in the visit. I will take my kids to that place where they can learn that lesson. It is what I need to do, at least for my sake. This hot, dry, arid summer is turning our skies into smoke filled hazes that filter the view in way that looks like aging science class movies I remember as a kid. The lack of water in the west has forced me to think different again. Seems the comfort is lessening and the urgency great. I might suggest we all reexamine our surroundings and assess what is important. Never know when uncertainty might strike. Same goes for business. What's your disaster plan? Do you have one? Do you need one? Do you care about one?