Sunday, August 19, 2012

Leopard Gecko

My son brought home a beloved leopard gecko today. The gecko's name is Loku. Apparently, I am now a grandparent to a lizard.

I am proud of my son for buying the serpent on his own, tending to it, and learning about it. His obsession with such a creature has been long, and from the knowledge of this creature he expresses I am confident he will take good care of it.

Earlier, on FB, I asked about a remedy for fruit flies. This wasn't really what I had in mind...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Product Idea 101

The theory that great ideas sell themselves is tragically flawed. Far too often we place more value in the merit of an idea, and little to the value of the execution thereafter. We have all seen relatively low value ideas turn into huge successes, all because the execution in marketing and branding made it larger than life, something everyone had to have, at least for a short time anyway... Take the Snuggie - A flimsy fleece poncho stylized by some grandparents in recliners trying to look like Obi Wan Kenobe sold millions. The Slap Chop - Funny, quirky spokesman guy (on meth, as well) humors us into submission and a debit on the card. Not the greatest products overall, but boy, did they execute.

Many folks visit LUSB with the same question - 'What do you think of my idea?' I cannot in good conscious opine on the matter anymore because I have been proven wrong by such uber-necessary items such as Silly Bands and Crocs. It is not for me to decide, it is for the inventor to decide that he or she truly wishes it to succeed. Then, and only then, will they execute properly and deliver a success story. Persistence is key, execution is critical, and in the end, determination will make the difference.

On the other side of the story, there are many great ideas that folks have brought along to us or others that never saw the light of day. Either a lack of follow through, a diversion at the first complication, or a general laziness and misdirection can drive some great ideas into oblivion, never to be seen by the market.

If there is some advice we can give - Get sound advice from those that have been there before, partner with strong manufacturers and developers, and drive your sales and marketing as hard as possible to land where you want in the market. There will always be many that will tell you of the possible failures, and how you won't make it, or what a stupid idea you have. Don't take it to heart, let it fuel your fire to make the next great widget nobody really needs to live without....