Friday, November 18, 2016

We Quit Maker's Row...

Today I made a painful decision. I canceled LUSB's subscription based service to Maker's Row. In the beginning of this often admired platform, I was a fan. I believed it would be a wonderful bridge between brands, makers, and manufacturers to explore each other and build strong partnerships. While I am sure this occurs through Maker's, we have decided that the platform does not meet the needs of our customers. If you are wondering why we are no longer hanging out there, the reason is simple - We can work with you directly, without a filter, and with greater clarity. We'll rebuild our site soon to allow for similar interaction.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Moving On

I didn't write since June. I just had little to say, both professionally and personally. While this is a 'company' site, it is at the core still an extension of me... sometimes...

I am motivated by political rhetoric, so this week was like a shot in the arm. While I will refrain from opinion, I will comment on the hangover and the reaction that has so far been disgraceful. Both sides are arrogant, selfish, and anything but open minded. I am saddened to watch people, children even, attacked for their beliefs in either direction. I am saddened that an amazingly clear, transparent, and relatively free of fraud election concludes, and that is a symbol of what the free world can be, is marred by violence and immature hatred. We display open elections that for the most part, almost anyone of age can participate in. We still see less than desirable numbers at the polls, but a fervent and determined statistical group of folks make their best effort to determine the outcome. Sometimes, we lose the fight we fought. Sometimes, we win that fight. Either way, I always walk away from an election feeling a sense of pride that we CAN hold such an election. Can you imagine if you lived in a country where this wasn't the case? I mean, don't you kind of take this for granted? You do. I do, too. But every four years I appreciate it once again, then that passionate feeling fades over time until the next election arises and I can revisit such a passion.

What happens next? Transition, for everyone. Anxiety. Fear. All normal and expected, however I suppose some handle all of that emotion better than others. Be patient and remember that you just experienced something that some in this world will never experience, an open election of their leaders.