Sunday, February 28, 2016

Academy Awards and College Tuition

I seldom see a new movie. This year, however, I saw 3 movies as they came out in theaters - Star Wars, Mad Max, and I think Star Wars again. So ,technically, I only saw two. Since both of those movies may only win for effects or costumes, I will once again refrain from viewership and hold fast to my streak of probably 10 years of not watching. Funny thing is I love movies, I just don't get around to seeing them that often unless my kids drag me to one. Speaking of kids...

It is college tour season with my son. He graduates in a few months and will be off to his next academic adventure. This weekend we saw Gonzaga University in Spokane. Seemed like a great school and environment. He has some hard choices ahead of him... And I have to find hidden treasure under a rock somewhere. I can see why folks think Bernie's free college sounds good, and I cannot argue that access to education should not have to compromise one's future as it is intended to better secure it.

When the older boy is a senior in college the younger will be a freshman. Double the expense. Double the trips back and forth. Double it all. Double the FAFSA headaches. Oh, and can I say whoever created the FAFSA calculator was from another planet? Basically, if you have a middle class job, you better get a second middle class job to pay for your children's college, or allow them to bear the responsibility entirely. It might also help to 1. Search for hidden treasure; frequently 2. Have a ginormous bake sale; 3. Win Powerball.

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