Sunday, October 23, 2011


It has been a long week. I just returned from China on a whirlwind trip of factory visits and meetings that were highly productive. Although I will count the trip as a major success for us, I truly walked the streets of China with a heavy heart, thinking about our beloved Joe. Often times I would reminisce about our foolish behavior in the office, or count the many successful programs he and I worked on. It is difficult to lose a friend, a coworker, and a moral compass like Joe. His spirit will continue to live in all of us at the office. His smile will continue to infect us all.

Joe might not have liked visiting China. We ate frogs, duck blood soup, eel - you name it. It was all good, enjoyed every minute! I am not sure Joe would have liked that part. Traveling in a taxi most places is always an adventure there. Almost a disaster in waiting. I don't think he would have enjoyed that at all. Sometimes the toilets are not like ours - again, might have been hard to see Joe thinking those were OK. What Joe would have loved was the adventure, the unknown, and the experience of it all. The great thing was, he was with me the whole time. His spirit travels well...

Overall, time heals the grief we feel when we have loss. I think in some ways, this last trip was the best thing for me this week, allowing me some alone time with Joe in my heart, and some reflections on how he has affected my life. I have to learn to appreciate the time I did have with my friend, and not focus on the time I might not. Thanks again, Joe, for the friendship. I think about it, and you, every day.

Friday, October 14, 2011

In Loving Memory of Joe Vacossin

We are saddened to announce the passing of Joe Vacossin, our brother here at LUSB. Joe will always be with us. We love you Joe.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm a Parent

Sometimes I screw up. Simple as that. When the time comes for a logical, comforting lesson to be taught it is often replaced with a combative eruption of parental angst. Can't help it, sorry for the occasional messy verbiage aimed at the heart of my two youngsters. My patience, and my temperature, can sometimes overheat. I wonder how many of those times are remembered vs. the times I am truly compassionate and instructive.

I'll be taking on some meditation this next week. Heading to China on Saturday to see factories and thought I might consider resting the mind since I won't have the home duties, perhaps saunter over to a monastery and have the monks revisit my temperament. An oil change and new air filter (poor use of terms in China) could be good for me, heh?

Do you folks ever lose it once in a while? Not often, just that one time that you know it is building like a water balloon stretched to its limit, close to bursting, then the massive eruption. It's like slow motion - you know it is coming but you can't stop it! Like a car accident. Lays out in front of you like barf after a bender, full viewing of the mess you created. Well, time to clean up.