Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's New?

Thought I might post a note on the latest and greatest around LUSB. We are currently in the process of weeding out inventories that are aging in the pet department and some discontinued styles in the craft world. All of this is in preparation for an upcoming move - we may have found our location for the future in Vancouver of all places. Stay tuned on that one as it is developing fast.

Our vacuum forming operation will be moving to our location in Stevenson, WA soon. This will add much needed capacity for our growth and alleviate some of the bottle neck we experience in our plastics department. I look for this to be ready come November 1.

We will be exhibiting at the International Quilt Market Show in November, as well as attending the Industrial Fabrics Assoc. trade show in October - where great ideas and new technologies are showcased for us to review! In addition, SHOT show is approaching fast - set your dates for January!

I also want to take a moment here to thank our wonderful employees, who through thick and thin, continue to push the envelope and build great solutions for our clients! Thanks, peeps - you mean the world to us!

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