Monday, August 2, 2010

Almost Primary Time!

Oh drat! I have to read my voter's pamphlet for the seemingly worthless candidate's statements and discover who wants to be a superior court judge (like I was following them?) While I cherish our right to vote, hold free elections, etc., this particular part of the process seems far too shallow for a true understanding of what will happen when these folks take office. However, there is one bright spot in all of Washington's elections - Goodspaceguy...

Yea, I said it, Goodspaceguy is a real dude. Known as a 10-time candidate supporting intergalactic travel and orbital living, this comic book character threw down the $1800 filing fee once again and got on the Washington state ballot. While his platform (levitating, no doubt) is 'out of this world,' I have to admire his tenacity and persistence in attempting to become elected - and of course for offering some levity to the mundane claims of 'I will fight for the public and say no to special interests' that we are more likely to nod our heads in agreement with. After all, this is what our country is all about, right?

Unfortunately, Goodspaceguy, I cannot with any clear resemblance of logic vote for you. Living on Mars may sound nice, but Earth seems crazy enough at times...

1 comment:

  1. As a black-American woman, I should vote, but sometimes I don't. I just can't get excited about this round of primaries, because I've finally accepted that all of them are liars. Whether they lie by ommission or just out and out tell fibs, I don't care; I'm tired of them all.

    They lie and I feel guilty for not voting.