Saturday, August 14, 2010

Time to Relax

Summer flies by some years, this one included. Last year I was dreading major surgery in August, making each day seeming more precious as the event approached, allowing me to savor each moment prior to having my head cut open. I awoke today thinking about how I cherished my days last summer and realized that this summer, I have hardly stopped to blink, traveling from one show to the next and making tracks that zig-zag across the map. In this last bit of summer I will do my best to relax a bit, and enjoy what's left before fall drops by for the annual visit.

On another note, about 20 years ago I worked at KFOG radio in San Francisco as an intern. There were some cool perks to the job, like meeting musicians, working at concerts and events, and getting free promo CD's - yes, CD's - they're round, plastic things if you don't know! One of the remarkable talents I met was Chris Isaak, who I can tell you is as humble and kind a guy as you can meet. As I spend the next few weeks falling into a more relaxing mode, I'll be spinning Mr. Lucky for the soundtrack...

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