Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sea Change

The US military has finally relented and moved off of the digital universal pattern that was so heavily invested in, and moved onto Multi-Cam (Crye) for future soldiers. It was announced widely this week that plants are maxing their capacities to produce the new FR pattern, and if you truly want to see a stimulus in industry here it is. The amount of production required by this move will be in itself a micro economy, although few ever realize it if you are not entrenched.

What does this mean?

The textile mills in the US will be mass-producing for the next 3-4 years to maintain the demand, and the fabricators and manufacturers of gear, uniforms, equipment, hardware, etc. will all be swept up into mix. Most of us in the gear manufacturing process have already integrated the new patterns into our production, and we foresee the next few years to be that of transition - similar to the transition to UCP in the early 00's. A small boon to the textile industry especially...

Look for Multi-Cam on a soldier near you, and thank him/her for their service.

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