Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Dont Golf Much, But David Feherty Might Change That Plan...

It was some time ago when my dear friend Joe Vacossin (RIP Jo-Jo) introduced me to the Golf channel. There is nothing more unbelievably boring to me than 24 hours of golf programming, however, I have always loved the game and admire the many characters involved, so I force myself on occasion to visit this often ignored channel. During one of my forced watching events that I discovered the Feherty show - A lighthearted, often comical and self-deprecating interview platform between Mr. Feherty himself and a target of his affection. While golf seems to be a common thread, the show itself goes far beyond the boredom of back swing and putting, and dives deep into the personalities that Mr. Feherty chats with - flaws and all. I believe it is one of the more brilliant shows on TV today. The show has also reminded me that golf is a great platform for rekindling and strengthening relationships, and the game itself is less important than the lives you surround yourself with while playing.

That being said, I still remember my first day on an 18 hole course. I was paired with my friend Zac, himself an avid golfer and moving quickly towards proficient, when we were introduced to a couple of vintage players that would complete our foursome. They were a seemingly nice couple and we began play as you would. By the 3rd hole it was clear to me that the husband was less than a gentleman. Seeing my lack of ability on the course roused his anger and he let a few tirades go like a child might when a toy is taken away. Not sure how I was supposed to be good at the game, or at least his assumption that I might be, since it was my first day on a true 18. I did my best to cobble some shots together and reach the green, only to be disappointed by my putter, and his further disdain. His wife was cordial, often joking and pleasant, and I was aware that his temper did not serve her liking as well. After one errant putt he let out a strong curse, swung his club angrily at the ball, and walked away in disgust. I could not help think that was somehow his reaction to him enduring my ineptitude. We did not see either of them after the turn. Bummer.

My initial impression of the 18 hole grind may not have been great, however, my love for the game grew over time and my swing and game improved, although marginally. I left the game when moving to the north west as I didn't see much hope in soggy lawns and wet windy days improving my low position in the world rankings, however, I have rekindled that interest almost unbelievably so just by listening to David Feherty make it sound fun again.

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