Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recent Trends

Lots of recent trends in the bag market this year are bringing heritage style and design to the forefront of the market. Retailers cannot keep the vintage turn-of-the-century look in stock, and developers are clamoring for raw materials that inspire and dedicate to the theme and memory of such time-honored design.

Leather, waxed cotton, canvas, and wool felts are hugely popular and turning heads. Forged and antique hardware sets are making the rounds, as well as industrial stamped findings with special finishes. More and more capability is placed at the hands of young designers with the surge of inexpensive prototyping services available and the accessibility of technology in fabrication available to everyone.

Kickstarter is making an impact in our industry. This crowd-funding vehicle is spawning upstart companies everywhere, with a rapid development time and fun atmosphere. I encourage those looking for an organic way of funding your venture to look into this!

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