Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Made in the USA

More and more companies are bringing their product for manufacture back to the US. Not in the droves we might hope for, but a start none the less. Every week we receive calls regarding a product someone might be looking to have sourced domestic, and while we do our best to find a solution, the reality is that sometimes it is just not possible. Why, you ask?

After decades of attrition and decline in the textile markets, the infrastructure and labor have been whittled to a fraction of what it once was. This being said, we are all desperately finding methods to train, build, and develop the infrastructure so long removed. This is a long process, wrought with difficult tasks and sometimes no solution. every effort is made to find the raw materials and equipment to build some of these great products, but too often we are forced to source overseas to find the the ingredient we need. While this is changing, slowly, we can hope that the country as a whole finds it in their heart to pay a bit more for goods made here, and develops a pride associated with an American made product. Made in the USA - it still sounds good...

Next time you have an idea for a product, think twice about the overseas solutions. You might find the value is often not in the price tag, but in the story behind your product, and what it took to get it on the shelf.

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