Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and the Election

Hurricane Sandy punched the east coast square in the jaw, knocking its lights out and disabling the region for a brief geologic moment. We are all confident in the resolve of those on the east coast, and for those who are suffering, we wish you the best in recovery and quick return to life as you remember it. We are all pulling for you.

The election, covered by media far more and with greater anticipation than even hurricane Sandy, rolls through the US disabling our minds and destroying the impressions of candidates promising to represent you and deliver on promises. After election Tuesday we will all wrangle with the voting hangover and the pundits will be hard at work drawing advertisers to the networks to listen to the Monday morning QB's claim they had it pegged. One thing is for sure, those of us with resolve will accept the consequences of our candidate losing, or bask in the illusion of promise if our candidate wins. Either way, we all have to just realize that we will all fall back into normalcy after a few months, politics will continue to roll, and the next disaster or human-triggered event will occupy our lives.

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