Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dear President Obama...

I am not happy with politics as is. I do not apologize for my disdain for campaigns, politicos, etc., and I do feel as though I need to spew some of my own soap box speak on occasion just to vent some frustration. I feel as though I am a third party voter with no party - no candidate but a hypothetical ghost haunting my travels in search of a tangible body to possess. It is unfortunate to feel this way and I suspect it will subside as time goes by - or at least until the next election...

Dear President Obama,

The last few days were a whirlwind, and I sincerely hope you have had a moment to take it all in. I congratulate you in winning the presidency once again, and hope the disillusioned voter that I have become can somehow be restored to faith in the leaders of our country by action, and not canned rhetoric, or toxic partisanship.

My letter today is a request for honesty, and sincerity, in politics, on both sides. I know, that's ridiculous, right?! My request is that we can get back to actually making a difference in the public sector, and not just the politics as usual that were so clearly represented during the campaign. I watched, as millions did, the bending of truths on both sides, the blatant disregard for the intelligence of us, the citizens, and the inability for either candidate to honestly, truly, and sincerely reach across the oft-shifting proverbial aisle that separates so many of the nation today. There were insults, ridiculous and negative campaign ads, and utterly malicious attacks thrown by both of the two bigs. When we can't show respect for the opinions of others, when we cannot logically and carefully craft solutions to real issues that take ALL interests in mind, and when we stop playing marionette to the corporate and special interests (some might call this part 'money'), there is little left to be desired in the arena with which you and Mr. Romney travel. While I honor the effort you and he made to serve in the public sector, it is not lost on me that your own, and his own, special interests somehow have a hand on the wheel, and a conveniently placed chicken brake on the passenger side floor.

I could not fathom a vote for either of the two bigs. I could not, in good conscience, deliberately vote for a lesser of two evils as is so commonly suggested. I could not sacrifice the resentment I felt for the way this campaign was once again handled by both parties, nor could I realistically believe either candidate's promises based on their histories and resumes to date. Many of your supporters, and Mr. Romney's, actively pursued my vote with campaign rhetoric and soundbite-worthy tidbits that did little to sway my opinion that there was far more persuasive influence behind the curtain than met the eye. All elections appear dirty, some more than others, but our increasingly sour campaigns of hate speech (remember when that wasn't allowed anymore?) and truth-bending take the front line yet again, stabbing their way like bayonets through the masses. Way to unite us. I don't see that moving 'forward' at all.

Now, get off your butt and get to work for the people of this country. Literally nothing has been done for weeks but campaigning. You two just spent over $1.5 billion on lawn signs and campaign ads that leave absolutely NO real legacy behind, except at the landfill. Imagine if that money was put to use lending to small business, or assisting homeless programs, or feeding those that are hungry, or our veterans in need. Now, that would have made a difference! Remember, we pay your salary, and you are only a man. You should be humble, respectful, courteous, and most of all, deliberate and balanced in the varied interests of our slice of humanity. We should not only respect the various views that folks have of HOW our country be run, but also cognitive of the fact that one man, one party, and one view only serve the few. As the numbers suggest, either one of you being elected barely represented half of the voting public. I wouldn't exactly call that impressive, or endearing.

I still have a smoldering hope and faith that one day, somehow, we will overcome the political process and the mess of lines drawn that it has become. Until then, I will remain hopeful of real change, and not that spoken of on a $.99 bumper sticker, because truly, that's about what it is worth.


W. Macia

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