Thursday, February 10, 2011


Saw lots of old friends tonight at the Sportsman Show. Of note, I ran into Dean Crouser - A remarkable artist, athlete, and gentleman. His art can be viewed at Please support his remarkable efforts!

Spent time working with Jeff and Jennifer DuPont at the Youth Outdoor Adventures booth and Wild Winds Ranch. Jeff and Jenn host hundreds of youth in the summer for adventure camps that teach the principles of the outdoors. This hard working team is ceaseless in their efforts to get kids off the couch and into the field! Support them by visiting

From a conservation standpoint, CCA is always at the forefront. I applaud their efforts and hard work to restore and conserve our outdoor heritage. Support theirs efforts at

For those of us that grew up with a backpack on hitting the trail, or those that learned a family tradition in the field, we know what it is to appreciate nature to its fullest. Our natural world is a wonder, and to experience it with family and friends builds memories that will never be forgotten. Time to get off that couch, drop the remote and game controller, and hustle outside for some fresh air, wildlife, and exhilirating landscapes.

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  1. Hey - thanks Will. It's always great to see you and this time I'm taking your advice. Started my own blog today, better late than never. Even a caveman can learn!