Sunday, July 26, 2009

Creating Space, Preserving Light

Lots can be said for efficient management of space within a company, home, or other entity. Just recently we engaged in a redesign of our warehouse, balancing inventories, machinery, and the balance of goods we house and manage. In an effort to better keep an organized and utilitarian manner of management, we stumbled upon a gift we did not necessarily realize we would be given. That gift was light.

Our warehouse is not what I would call well-designed, in fact, it is a hodgepodge building with retrofits, additions, and generally poorly maintained utilities. As Greg, our superhero operations manager, picked his way through the project, the inventories began to find an ordered design and the pallet racks and clutter found an organized appearance. In addition, our poorly lit space began to come alive with natural light flooding the entire area. Now, rather than installing multiple new fluorescent fixtures or magnesium retina-burners, we are relying on good 'ol sunlight to assist us in our efforts. Not sure what winter will bring during the dark days, however, we are more than pleased with this simple solution and reducing our reliance from Bonneville. I guess the value we were looking for had a plan of its own, and delivered a result we were more than pleased with...

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