Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blowing in the Wind! Case Study #1

Three years ago we began to receive inquiries from the wind industry for tool products. As it was, the technicians in wind towers were hauling loads of tooling, equipment, and gear up to the turbine via crane. The vehicle they used was a bag. The bag, after numerous uses, ripped and shredded itself over time and was replaced.

We offered to evaluate the product and look into solutions to extend the life of the bags they invested in. After some careful calculations and testing, we determined some basic design changes were in order and proceeded with testing. What transpired after that was amazing - After the modifications we found that we did not have to replace the bag every 3 months as was standard, rather we could draw life from a bag for 6 months, thus reducing their investment in half.

While this was a dramatic result and not always indicative of all reults, it is critical to our mission to continue to deliver positive-growth programs to our clients. Our challenge is meeting your challenges and overcoming them.

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