Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Last US Bag Company...

Well, we might as well join the rest of the world. A new web site, new blood, and new growth emerge from the thriving little company that could.

This week we are working on mutliple projects in the incubation stage, such as a cycling product, a new design for a triathlon product, and multiple tactical gear items for medical military. The varying markets we diverse ourselves in allow us the opportuntiy to experiment and share design and constructuon elements between projects, thus strengthening our ability to build a great product for our clients. This, of course, does not mean that each project is short of its challenges! Many a project require multiple prototypes, revisions, and material changes to determine the right outcome - a feat which is no easy task!

Some news to share:

- We will be exhibiting at SHOT Show this year for the first time. Our goal is to be able to see some of our clients, share some successes, and meet new organizations that might be able to assist us in our growth.

- A new location may be on the horizon. Stay tuned!

- New silk screen capabilities and RF welding in the works...

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Best, Will

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