Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A View Of A Hero

I respect our military. In the airport I often thank our service folks for their volunteer duty. I am proud they work for us. They sacrifice a portion of their lives. They become an asset of the government and forego their own interests for a period of time. I applaud them. Now, I must reflect on another hero. Those who are involuntarily assigned a battle they did not wish to partake. A battle that might disable them, strip them of their vanity, and eliminate their drive and will. This fight comes with dangerous injections and sometimes violent repercussions. This fight reigns supreme inside their bodies and wages war in a way that cannot be fathomed by the individual, reasoned by their inner circle, nor clearly identified by the medical community as to an outcome. Cancer brings tanks to a knife fight, and we, as humans, attempt to build warheads to aggressively defend our health. These wars are won and lost routinely, but never in vain. These wars are fought in the battlefields of living rooms, drives to the store, trips to the oncologist, and alone in the darks of the mind of those inflicted. Cancer is a bitch-whore on the second floor making noise in the middle of the night. Something you wish you could get rid of but haven't found the path to do so yet. Cancer remains a constant reminder in my life that life is precious. Live how you wish, and be who you mean to be, for it may be short. Don't settle for what is 'just OK' but rather take life by the horns and ride it through the years. For my friends I know who are in the fight right now, please dig deep and rely on me to assist you when you feel there is nothing more you can do. I will be here for you. I know you are strong and amazing and a power that can overcome. I am sorry you are in this position, but I am confident you are the person that can win. Bless you Matt & Brandie. We are here for you and fighting in spirit every day. You are my heroes.

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