Wednesday, January 1, 2014

No Country For Bored Men

5 years ago, I wrote my outdoor blog almost twice weekly. Now, I manage a post a month, if lucky, on this platform. What has happened to that gent who could rant for hours on a cold day in a frozen marsh looking for ducks? Passion, that's what. I lost my creative drive and buried it deep in the cellar where few of my thoughts travel these days.

Fortunately, and I am sure you could all agree, events take place in your life that reconnect you to the elements of life that are worth living for, and the details are worth paying close attention to. The last year and a half have been a challenge, but only because I let them. Like the old saying goes, if you are given lemons, well, make some lemonade. I repressed my inner creative for a long period of time, and recognize the new confidence after being driven towards a goal that I am passionate about.

The events were not specific, more a matter of fate, I suppose. A conference with someone, a book I read, a deed seen in a store that did not go unnoticed, or a trip in solitude to reflect - all the little things that we constantly feel we need to one-up in order for them to have the same affect as the first time we witnessed it. Relaxing into a moment and not letting the chaos surrounding all of us, overwhelm all of us. Accepting the happiness we have instead of seeking a happiness we fabricate in our minds.

This happens every ten years or so to me. I need a charge in the ass to get going again and make something of the efforts I am putting forth. I welcome the challenge and am surprised how easily I can fall back into the role I truly do cherish.

Now, if I fall short of posting here more often than I have been, well, OK. No harm done. Carry on. I'm just wandering around through the creative process and enjoying it while I am there...

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