Friday, October 11, 2013

The Untouchables

Back to D.C. where it appears no lawmaker is accountable. We'll just chalk this last one up to both parties playing, well, party politics. I have zero respect for where they have taken this country, and frankly, emphatically encourage term limits as a priority. Enough on that depressing topic.

The World Series is almost here and I still wonder why it is called the 'World' Series at all. we only have 2 countries represented in Canada and the US. At least the LLWS brings in some foreign talent.

The NFL is in full swing, and the most recent article on concussions in ESPN the magazine is a great read on how they, too, are untouchable in so many ways.

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded this week. Ironically one of the largest chemical weapons attacks occurred this year under the entire scrutiny of the world, and little has been to bring that regime to a form of justice.

News travels fast and dies just as quickly. We're already forgetting what we were arguing about a year ago.

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