Sunday, July 29, 2012

Surf Dreams

We visited the beach this weekend, a departure from our normal weekends of work and college course studies. It was welcome relief, and the kids were thrilled to get into some surf and sand. I was able to revisit something I hadn't for over 20 years.

Surfing was something I tried when I was about 17. I did it once or twice, maybe three times - something like that. I can only remember that I did get up, and rode out pathetic little waves about the size of my pinkie finger, bent in half, maybe. Couple of those and I remembered thinking I had surfed. I do remember having a ton of fun with it, but never really going back to explore it further. As my sons and I banged into waist high waves this weekend I remembered how much fun it could be, and I realized I wanted to try again. So, anyone got a 9'+ board they could let me borrow for a few? Just want to get back out and try it again, and this time let my kids give it a go as well. Oregon coast, look out!

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