Monday, December 5, 2011

Tacky Santa, and Carson, WA

What is it with inflatable Santa? Today I saw one with Santa in a helicopter. What the heck? When did Santa get a Sikorsky? Did I miss something, or did turning 40 turn me into a stodgy old man? On the street next to us, it's Santa in a wife-beater tank holding a brewski... Hope that was after his flight... People, just because Wal-Mart sells it doesn't mean you are obligated to buy it! They're NOT cute, trust me. My wife just pointed out how nice it is to see them flat all day, too, like poop on a lawn, in technicolor. There's a lawn fashion faux pas crisis people! Help!

One step closer to a new location - planning stages on the building for expansion in Carson. Looking forward to a facility we can continue to grow in!

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