Friday, December 16, 2011


Loving the holiday season this year. Fortunately, the usual junk food has arrived by the masses so we can all put on a little insulation during the cold. Mike looked at me the other day wolfing down a maple bar and just shook his head. C'mon Mike, who doesn't love a maple bar? I dragged butt the rest of the day, leaving a wake of sticky crumbs in what can only be described as a sugar induced coma circle. Can't wait for tomorrow's truffles!

So much work to do for the upcoming move. Planning, preparation, purging, procrastinating. Not necessarily in that order. Hopefully the usual quiet time around the holidays will give us some much needed catch up time. That is, of course, if we don't stuff our cranial orifice with high fructose corn syrup. Either way, I love the holidays and look forward to time with family and friends, co-workers and clients. Thanks again for a great year! Now pass the egg nog!

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