Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year!

A wonderful two weeks we've had with the boys home from school. Time to see friends, family, and share in the holiday spirit. I was thinking recently that this spirit should truly be carried the entire year, instead of just for a few short weeks surrounding Christmas and the New Year. So the challenge I set forth is how to carry it through the rest of the year, and keep a healthy spirit alive when no one might normally expect it.

We are setting forth on our move to a larger facility soon. We have our eyes and minds set on building a world class manufacturing facility near Stevenson, WA while building our administration center in the Portland metro area. We'll expand our employee base dramatically in Stevenson, and hopefully grow by serving the underutilized area as we expand. A big ambitious project, but one we are excited about...

Also, and are both being renovated right now - take a look at those changes as they develop. I think you'll like what we are doing...

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