Friday, July 2, 2010

Random News...

AP reported today that the health care legislation enacted a few months ago will result in longer waits and crowding at ER's due to insufficient capacity and shortage of GP's. Does this really come as a surprise? While training for new providers was announced in the legislation, it could be some time, and more importantly unknown, if their impact will solve the burden placed on health care providers (not insurance companies!) I haven't clearly defined my stance on this issue. I do believe that if one needs care, they should have access to it (not free access), however, the legislation did little to address tort reform and decreased Medicare coverages, so how could that possibly solve the problem? The jury is still out, and as with all legislation served up by our 'representatives' in Congress, I am skeptical...

Our continued involvement in manned space travel will end soon, stripping the number of astronauts from over 100 to less than 10 in a few years. The southern states of Florida & Alabama will lose many jobs as NASA shrinks towards robotic development, and Texas will see serious job loss near the space center. We'll be paying Russia, Japan, and European countries to fly our cargo and robotics into space, at a whopping $50k per 60kg. Isn't that outsourcing? The cardinal sin of campaigners? I'll agree that NASA has done a poor job of PR in the last say, 30 years, but to strip it down to an R&D lab is a bit much for me to understand.

Today I bury my father, Joseph Fernandez Macia, who died 7 years ago. We've waited too long to put him to rest, but the time is right and his spirit is living among the grandchildren and his family stronger than ever. I miss you Dad, wish we could spend one more day fishing together on the ocean, and share a laugh over a beer. You are truly missed and forever in our hearts...


  1. I love those bags! And I desperately need one! I think I spend more time looking for things than actually using them. I would love to have one of those beauties to fill!

  2. I am heart-fully sorry for your loss. Blessings, Jonnie

  3. I am sorry for your loss
    On a lighter note your bags are great I love all the colors

  4. I understand your loss...I'm sew sorry.