Monday, June 28, 2010

Three blind refs.

The international focus is centered on South Africa, hosting the World Cup and those masters of their game, FIFA. The FIFA-rific referees are having an exceptional show, offering enough controversy to the games to gag a maggot, and leaving the collective onlookers scratching their heads as to why technology can't be used, frugally and judiciously, to avoid such gaffs and blunders. I mean, really - Would it be that big of a deal to have replay correct these mistakes? I guess since it is only 'sport' we are not too worried about it, or maybe it is just that much more fun to talk about.

I coach soccer. Little guy soccer, like 9 year old peeps. They run reckless across the field hogging the ball and forgetting the cross they learned in practice, finding the open man, and setting up an attack. They smile, laugh, trip, and get called for offsides when they are still struggling to learn to spell it. This is why I love soccer, but I can't take the professional (well, FIFA) circuit allowing such ridiculous omission of accuracy. It might be OK for the 9 year old, but at the adult level perhaps I expect a bit more.

We use technology to fix our mistakes at work, home, etc. We rely on tech to solve problems and increase efficiencies. We use it knowing it isn't perfect but holds the potential for future greatness. Why can't FIFA be the same? I can't answer that, and apparently, they won't either, as their self-imposed ban on commenting on bad officiating takes precedence over common sense.

Either way, I'm taking a week off for family business soon. I should be well engrossed in Argentina-Germany by Saturday. Face painted, scarves wrapping my head, and a bull horn that rivals Rosie O'Donnell. Let's just hope the refs keep to themselves and don't make the outcome of the game their folly.

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