Friday, May 8, 2015

Making The Leap

Every month I am confronted by the reluctant entrepreneur regarding taking that next leap into their own business. So often the risks build an obstacle in front of them they feel too large to contend with. If you are going to be an entrepreneur, you better be comfortable with risk. The only folks that don't think some risk is agreeable are those in static coma, or bankers. You will at some point be forced to stretch your neck across that line, and hope like heck your head does not roll. But if it does roll, and most likely it will at some time, get your best needle and thread out and sew it back on. You will be wiser and more mature for your next venture outside. Take the leap of faith. You will never know if it was a good idea unless you try. I suggest weighing your own constitution first, and if it allows, go for it. If you aren't feeling it, wait. It may come later in life, or never at all, but at least you followed your instinct and made decisions you can live with. If you go to bed wondering every night 'what could have been,' you may have to force yourself to jump from the ledge. It's OK, there are many of us out there that are waiting to catch you and help you back up.

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