Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11

Seemingly many years ago, although not as many as one might think. I remember my friend Roy calling me that morning telling me to turn on the TV. He believed it was the start of world war 3. While that might be a bit exaggerated, it isn't far from the truth. With no immediate years an exception, the world has seen a fair share of disruption caused by us humans. War, poverty, oppression, and a disregard for others has created a volatile world, continually in flux over religious beliefs, property lines, natural resources, and of course, the differences we might hold in skin color, contribute to a boiling pot of aggression we do not seem to shake after years of learning otherwise.

Hopefully, and I have some faith in the thought, we can eliminate our incessant need for selfish behavior in either direction and attempt to change our ways.

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