Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Slug Runs Circles Around You...

Walking out of the house last weekend I spot this:

Look closely. That there is one confused, and apparently dead, slug. Poor kid slimed his way through the loop-de-loops like he was at Disneyland amped up on Mountain Dew. I can only imagine what he was thinking - "One more time and I will be there for sure!" Poor little slimy gastropod thought he was going to eat someone's garden, but instead withered on the concrete like a grape in the sun.

This sure does relate to the process we recently discussed on product development. In fact, we find ourselves in this same conundrum often, spinning in circles until finally the product dies from exhaustion, or despair, or both. Sometimes, this is a good thing. sometimes it destroys our ambition, but mostly, it is part of the process we must respect and identify as necessary.

Failure is NOT A BAD THING. It teaches us lessons, and lessons are sometimes the most important part of the process. Success is wonderful, no doubt, and the journey to get there is often the reward.

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  1. I really enjoyed this analogy! Thanks Will!