Thursday, May 22, 2014

Autometrix Day 4

Day 4 started off with a major setback. A blown controller has forced us inside to the software training all day. None of these issues are the fault of Autometrix, however, so we have to be careful to alert folks that this company is wonderful to work with. Jordan, our installer, is fantastic. He's been a perfect help and very knowledgable. We are thrilled to be working with them overall. Most of the electrical stem from the facility. MAC Electric (Ryan) has been great as well. He had some issues this morning that we were worried about, however, he found a solution working with Autometrix and we will be fully operational tomorrow.

The machines did cut yesterday, albeit only a very minimal run. Here is an image of the table completed and waiting the new controller (arriving in the AM.)

Autometrix Radium Cutter ready to roll!

Ryan of MAC Electric - Great guys to work with...

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