Monday, April 28, 2014

5. Am I the right person for this project?

Time to visit the deep within. Most of us think we can do this - It's not that hard, right? Look, if you have a hard time finishing a bowl of cereal without being distracted, maybe you should consider having someone else follow this through. If you get mad over things like the toilet paper roll not being changed - probably need assistance! If you can't boil a hot dog without starting a fire - get someone to help. We don't possess every trait needed to find success, and relying on others is critical at times (most of the time) to getting to your goal. The key is not to consider yourself as failing if you require assistance - consider yourself intelligent for knowing your limitations. Find the appropriate avenue for development, and reap the rewards.

I know what I can, and can't, do. It has taken me some time (10 years) to realize this and even more time to accept it, but it is true - I have a group of skills but sometimes I cannot execute on the plan. I find those around me that can help that plan get to reality. This is the key. Granted, I am not always successful, but the more failure I find, the more I seem to overcome. Experience teaches us lessons that we can choose to accept and learn from, or choose to ignore. I prefer the former. The one kernel of advice I might suggest is to be brutally honest with yourself, and others, about your capabilities. It makes the expectations realistic, and the outcome more fruitful overall.

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