Monday, December 3, 2012

I hate to say "I told you so..."

Well, back to the old grind in Congress and the White House. Arguing of partisan separation and a genuine lack of respect for the common citizen. We'll see if anything happens prior to Jan.1, but my suspicion is that they'll play games and polarize it till the end, forcing the taxpayer to compromise more than anyone, and making themselves appear to be the great saviour. If you're siding one way or the other, than they've succeeded in their attempt to fool us all, unfortunately.

I am disappointed that I'm so down on this mess, but the 'fiscal cliff' didn't just occur because of a change in the wind pattern or storm surge. It is a product of continuing partisanship that only hopes to advance their agenda, and theirs alone. We have to acknowledge that people have different opinions, and we must realize that we are a country of more than one ideology, so the routine attack back and forth is the definition of insanity - We should all know that one by now, right?

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