Wednesday, June 29, 2011


In Spokane today, hijacking a colleague's desk to write while I wait for his exit from a staff meeting. Love this town. Cool architecture, history, landscape. Working on some great product with his team to launch for their fall collection.

I am not a good traveler. I got it from my mom. I hide it well, though, so I don't scare my kids and wife at the aeropuerto. I wiggle in my seat. I always have to pee. I get hungry in front of snack bins, creating a carbfest that produces a pseudo-diabetic coma. I sit on one cheek too long and exit with a new curve to my spine.

I think airports are cool, though. Totally fun people-watching and a great place to pick up the latest strain of the flu. I like the idea that at any time the plane could crash. Keeps you on your toes, or, cheek.

I was once in an airport in China where my temperature was taken 4 times before I got my baggage. Fortunately, they use forehead scanners, and not a posterior probe. That would have been interesting. The lady in 23C would not have taken well to that. I don't think the scanner would have, either.

Anyway, would much rather travel by car to be honest. I like to see the countryside and explore the small towns along the way. I can also stop to pee whenever I want, which is good. And I don't need my temperature taken.

Hopefully can stop in to see an old friend today if time permits. Nature's Pet Markets in Spokane and Nine Mile. Support your local pet stores!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Blogging Help & Dogging Yelp

My 12-year-old son is assisting me this evening in updating the blog design. Somewhat surprising to me, he began his own blog recently, and of course, he already has a better design on his than I have here. Whatever.

We bought our dog an automatic throw-&-fetch machine. He was scared of it. He barked at it, then whined, then barked again. My wife says she will train him to use it. If she succeeds she wins the Nobel Peace Prize for canine rehabilitation. If the dog resists, we have something to pawn at the next neighborhood garage sale.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Road Show

For about 4 years now we have had the idea of putting ourselves on the road in a more intimate manner. Today we took that first step - We partnered with our friends at Northwood Mfg., makers of Nash, Arctic Fox, etc. in La Grande Or. to get our little road show going. Beginning this fall, we will be hitting the road in the NW taking our team to different retail locations to showcase our product and hold some dealer activities. I am so excited to get this going after thinking about it for so long - Keep an eye out for the LUSB teardrop swinging by soon! As the trailer is equipped we'll post pictures for you to view, and updates on where we will be!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Time for Innovation

Tonight I was blessed to have a young man hang out in the office who truly inspired. This young gent startled me with some deep understanding of physics, and then proclaimed he struggled to get through algebra! What I left with was some hope that great minds are being nourished still, and perhaps the entitlement generation is not all spoiled by the proverbial rotten apple. We're getting ready for some great innovation, and folks like this will be a critical part of our growth.

Look for some great new products being delivered from Last US Bag soon. We've got an incredible lineup coming for the wind and safety product line, and the GOTE semi-not-quite-nationwide-trailer-tow-tour hits the road in August!

Check our HighKey Camera. Great company and cool product overall.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm number 1!

I left work Thursday evening at about 6pm. Same route home as is usual, traveling onto SR500 towards 205. The normal merge game began, with each car jockeying for position in the general direction they were headed. As I moved ahead of a merging small passenger car, a horn blared, and out of the corner of my eye I saw the driver telling me I was number 1! It's great to be loved.

Still not sure what this disgruntled yahoo was upset about. Perhaps he had never driven an on-ramp before? Or maybe, he lost his teddy bear. Whatever the case, people need to chill out on the road. You're not the only one out there you know...