Wednesday, June 29, 2011


In Spokane today, hijacking a colleague's desk to write while I wait for his exit from a staff meeting. Love this town. Cool architecture, history, landscape. Working on some great product with his team to launch for their fall collection.

I am not a good traveler. I got it from my mom. I hide it well, though, so I don't scare my kids and wife at the aeropuerto. I wiggle in my seat. I always have to pee. I get hungry in front of snack bins, creating a carbfest that produces a pseudo-diabetic coma. I sit on one cheek too long and exit with a new curve to my spine.

I think airports are cool, though. Totally fun people-watching and a great place to pick up the latest strain of the flu. I like the idea that at any time the plane could crash. Keeps you on your toes, or, cheek.

I was once in an airport in China where my temperature was taken 4 times before I got my baggage. Fortunately, they use forehead scanners, and not a posterior probe. That would have been interesting. The lady in 23C would not have taken well to that. I don't think the scanner would have, either.

Anyway, would much rather travel by car to be honest. I like to see the countryside and explore the small towns along the way. I can also stop to pee whenever I want, which is good. And I don't need my temperature taken.

Hopefully can stop in to see an old friend today if time permits. Nature's Pet Markets in Spokane and Nine Mile. Support your local pet stores!

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