Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Rolling Stone

2:30 AM Tuesday morning. My wife turns on the light, enters the bathroom, and proceeds to tell me her side hurts. Within 10 minutes she is buckled over, nearing tears, breathing heavy and nausea taking hold. 5 minutes later it is clear she needs some medical attention. We call my sis-in-law and ask if she can come over to stay with the kids for a few hours while we rush to the hospital. I start thinking about appendicitis, food poisoning, plagues, etc. and what the heck is causing my dear wife so much agony. Hop in the car and drive.

The emergency room was fairly vacant, with the exception of an overly odoriferous fella who was cross-eyed and loopy. Steered clear of said dude. Got her into a waiting room, where she paced for a half hour, sort of crying, but not quite, and obviously in a lot of discomfort. Eventually, after a CT scan, some pain meds, and some other thing I won't mention here, she relaxed a little bit, but not totally. Numerous texts were shuttling between sis-in-law and I about kid duty, etc. I jettisoned home once a room was assigned and got the kids off to school. Not sure what we would do without sis. I take back anything negative I have ever said. For now. ;)

My poor wife. For the next 12 hours all she did was barf and wretch in pain. She is a trooper, and took on that kidney stone for some time till it rolled into a better position, we think. Time will tell.

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  1. those things are horrible! I had them when I was pregnant with my son. A urologist told me to drink lemonade (lemonade made with 100% juice, not that powder stuff) to help dissolve them. I think it worked, because I never passed a stone