Wednesday, November 24, 2010


For the shallow followers of each party who listen intently to their elected officials and nod their head in agreement without the faintest intention of considering the opposition points, I say bury your head deeper.

We, as a country, society, and supposed world leader cannot continue to hold paper currency as an idol in our hands, nor can we allow a private bank such as the Federal Reserve to continue to devalue and toy with our market, nor can we stand for a government who deliberately mismanages a budget based on God knows what.

I'm a bit fed up.

Just got back from the gym, where I dropped sweat for an hour while watching multiple 'news' programs spew their rhetoric and parade their pundits. I don't care what side of the aisle you mow the lawn, our elected officials have become a laughing stock, so much so that the reverance once bestowed upon such offices has tarnished to a deep charcoal color, nearing the color of tar. In fact, that was insulting to tar. Sorry, tar - you're better than them.

Every election we hear of Hope and Change, or the Contract for America, as a panacea for us to swallow and be healed. Cheap insults at our intelligence. Have we not the mustard in our gut to seriously take on the insincere pillow talk we've been regurgitated? Well, have we?

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