Monday, January 25, 2010

SHOT Show, Part Deux

We returned a bit weary from a full week of meetings, introductions, presentations, and rare opportunities to just sit and relax. The show was in all, a success, however I must say that it's size is overwhelming at times and a bit confusing due to the nature of the Sands Convention Center. All were relieved to return unharmed, and ultimately, inspired.

The outlook is positive in the outdoor world, with many companies going above and beyond their normal offering at the show. Behemoth booths and striking detail in merchandise presentation made for a great experience. A lack of tasteless promotion made the week palatable indeed, as did the quality of merchandise offered. Most reported a strong year with an even stronger predicted, and some were as bold as to say their best was just beginning. I might not go that far, however, I can see a strong vector moving in that direction for us as well...

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