Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Down Economy, Up People!

Daily I am reminded of the adverse circumstances facing our nation - rising unemployment, the devalued dollar, debate over health care, etc. - yet I find myself optimistic and energized by the challenges we face. It is times like these that good companies survive, great companies dominate, and the weak ventures find every excuse why they can't succeed, and ultimately, die.

While all of outside influences effect us greatly, the inside is what I am working on because it is what we can control. I cannot control every act of congress (although I am told I am their boss), nor can I stimulate the global economy on my own. What I can do is look for the gaps during these times and work to fill them. Whether it be with our own product line we produce or supplying one of our many great clients with solutions they require, we are constantly looking to find the next opportunity in the market. Sometimes they present themselves, but more often, we turn over rocks to find them. Sometimes it is the first rock we turn over, but more likely it comes after a long and hard walk along the riverbed.

The ones that defy logic during hard times and press forward to claim their stake are who we employ. Locating, hiring, and developing those within our company only make us stronger, and during these times we are working to accelerate their growth both personally and professionally. As we crawl and scrape through a down economic time we are sure to come out of this stronger and better equipped to handle the demands around the corner.

If there is a beacon of light during a trying climate, it is that the human spirit cannot be broken. Keep your chin up, and your nose to the grindstone!

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