Monday, September 14, 2009

New Product Introduction

Recently we were contacted about a new product we might be interested in sharing with a larger audience. We decided to choose our newest pet product - A super lightweight combination food/water bowl for dogs (and humans if resourceful) that comes in under 4oz. in weight (for the backpacker types) and utilizes eco-safe fabrics void of PVC. In the past we had always relied on PVC coated materials for water proofing, however we found a less harmful alternative that comes from the waste of another job we are working on. This solution provides the necessary attributes to consider larger production at this time, and a cleaner consumer product for the take.

We are driving hard at finding these opportunities to use the waste of one job to build another. In addition to this last great pet product, we are about to introduce the 'The Sprout House', a new twist on the micro-greenhouse for the amateur botanist. Again, the waste of one job creates another product that eliminates the need for us to fill our trash. A unique micro-greenhouse structure perfect for starts and plant recovery, we designed The Sprout House to easily accommodate a wide variety of small plants just getting started in this crazy world. Look for this to grace store shelves this winter when seeds are sown for spring!

Making good use of waste is important, and necessary as the world becomes more crowded and resources are strained. We'll do all we can to continue building smart, innovative products that make sense in more ways than one.

Product ideas? Send 'em our way! We'd love to see what you are thinking about!

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