Saturday, June 13, 2015

Stress Is My Normal

So for this post, it goes without saying, stress has become a normal for too many of us. We are worried about money, careers, our kids, their kids, our parents, our pets, our clients, our bosses, our employees, and any host of other people or things that seem to weave within the fabric of our lives. Stress is our new normal. We wear it like a badge of honor. We embrace it and protect it and promote it until it is a dependent child with a short leash. We become addicted to it, and it becomes us. Three things I find to deflect the stressful stress: 1. Music. Either I play it on my guitar or I listen to it. It is an almost instant release. A must to defeat the disease of stress. 2. Exercise. I have always been relieved of this demon with a good run, long walk, or other form of exercise. Simple, effective, and always a rewarding endeavor. 3. Fishing. Yes, I know, this sounds more like evading the issue, but there is always something therapeutic in the art of fishing for me. Your activity may be knitting, drawing, or something else, but if it is a passion it will prevail and return your emotional self to balance. We can all use to eliminate some stress. Find your buttons and push them, and get to living healthier, stress-less lives.